Sølyst's dedicated kitchen team creates customised menus based on seasonal ingredients and the wishes of our guests. At Sølyst, gastronomy is paramount, and we take pride in making the menu a special experience.

We master both classic and modern cuisine, where great flavour is essential.

The kitchen team is led by Sylvester Andersen, who holds experience from Michelin restaurants both at home and abroad.




Using herbs from our own herb garden, apples from our own apple trees or mushrooms and nuts from the park is natural for us.

Our vegetable garden just behind the main house is tended and cared for all year round and used extensively in the kitchen. The season of the year is always reflected in our menus.

"Taste comes first. Our kitchen is not built on illusions and trends, but on the traceability of the ingredients, the changing seasons and the five basic tastes."

Sylvester Andersen, Head Chef

The raw materials are either from Sølyst's own herb garden or sourced from local farms or country houses.





Under expert guidance and together with the guest, we compose the finished menu. This is done based on the guest's wishes and taking into account the season's raw materials.




It means a lot to us that the raw materials and products we use at Sølyst are as sustainable as possible and that they reflect the wishes of our guests.

We do not compromise on quality and we thus work with carefully selected suppliers when we put together our menus for parties.

At Sølyst, we take food waste seriously and always try to influence our guests in as sustainable a direction as possible. What ingredients are available in Denmark in season, amount of food on the plate, CO2 friendly ingredients.



At Sølyst, we want to keep focus on ensuring that food and wine go together in the best possible way.
It is of great importance to the overall experience that there is balance between all senses of taste, and we always aim to either match or counterbalance the food with the wine.

As a guest, when you encounter balance in wine and food, this will usually make you feel in your comfort zone and enable you to enjoy the meal as a whole and the guests around you.

However, we are aware that there are just as many taste expectations as there are guests, so of course we take this into account and try to guide our guests towards the broadest wine taste, which will appeal to as many people as possible.

"The world is our wine cellar" and in close cooperation with many suppliers, we are able to offer great diversity in all our wines.

Our stock is not large, but we always have good vintages that will surely suit your next party. What we do not have, we will do our utmost to find.

We look forward to being challenged by your particular wishes.