If walls could tell tales, and paintings come alive. If trees could whisper in the wind in hundreds of years, and if through the holes in the shooting targets you could turn back time and look straight into the eyes of Oehlenschläger, H.C. Ørsted and Johanne Louise Heiberg. Because they've all been here. Generations of kings and queens, artists and merchants. For high society gala dinners and for bird shooting. Or when the place became the arena of decision-making with meetings about everything from state bankruptcy to artist support.

All of that magical tale is gathered at Sølyst. The white mansion in Klampenborg, purchased in 1948 by the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society and the Danish Brotherhood, but which had since its construction in 1725 already been a gathering place for anyone "in whom art and science had imprinted the true stamp of the spirit". History thus came together, as the shooting brothers and the intellectual elite were largely made up of the same people.





From all the way back in 1752 and until now, where individuals like Mikael Kvium and Maja Lisa Engelhardt are part of the crowd along with both Poul Fischer, "Blomster Hansen" and Jens Juel. If the coffee is served in the Library, a relief by Thorvaldsen is enthroned on the end wall. Here you also find a book cabinet made from the same timber and by the same carpenter who created furniture that sank with the Titanic. There are fireplaces of Norwegian marble and stucco by Georg Jensen – and a full-length portrait of King Frederik the 9th has looked on as guests have danced to all genres of music, led along by DJs and bands.

Sølyst is the Garden Room and terrace and the four acre park overlooking Øresund. Or performances by the World Ballet. It is also their very own vegetable garden and apple trees. And a special insect hotel so the bees and flowers can come into play. Because the historical setting does not have to limit today's demands for sustainable operations. The contrast between then and now is also carved out in sharpened steel in Sølyst's own kitchen. Here, Michelin level chefs preside. The sommelier and waitstaff work at the same high level. Without ever forgetting a twinkle in the eye.





Today, Sølyst is also open to anyone who wants to hit the jackpot with an unforgettable party in this historical setting. Because that's always been what you did – you hit the jackpot. This is where the term originates. Back then the jackpot was, of course, a symbolic one – you would shoot at a wooden target shaped like a parrot (hence the equivalent Danish (and French) expression of ‘shooting the parrot’).

A party, a birthday, a wedding, a meeting at Sølyst can be formed according to any wishes. However, the walls cannot be moved, nor can the house's rich collection of art. No matter where you are in the house, the shooting brothers of both the past and the present are with you. They hang on the walls as shooting targets, painted for each member personally as a symbol of their work or spirit.





It has always been Sølyst's philosophy to provide our guests with a unique and exclusive party experience where hosting is paramount.

Sølyst is a unique house with stunning sea views, but it is much more than that. It is the setting for a team of people who are passionate about personal service. This means that we are all dedicated to making the whole experience – before, during and after the event – as relaxed, perfect and unforgettable as possible.


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Sustainability is simply about passing on Earth to the next generations in as good a condition as when we took over. The choices we make in everyday life mean something and have consequences for the planet. Consequences that you may not see today, but which may have an impact far into the future. It is fundamentally about behaving in a responsible way.

Sølyst is an old lady, and we take great pride in being allowed each day to be part of the house's long history. This carries with it an obligation, not least for the sake of the future and for generations to come.
Our planet is under pressure, and we believe it is essential to contribute, even with small measures, to getting our planet in better shape. That is why we have taken certain initiatives, and will in the future continue to do so on an ongoing basis, as needs and new opportunities require.



As a guest, when you walk up the red carpet, you can expect to meet our staff at eye level.

We follow an empathetic approach and take the role of host seriously. That is why you can always count on being in safe hands and being guided through an evening at the right pace and always with a smile. It is a large and important task to throw a party, and we only want to share our long experience with you and your guests so your next party is a success.

In the word etiquette lies, of course, also the expectation that all guests and staff are able to share famed Danish etiquette authority Emma Gad's great knowledge and treat each other properly. Our staff is schooled in service and will do everything to make your party successful. They are lovely, smiling young people who are hired to help our professional waiters. If a situation arises where our young employees are in doubt whether their own or the guest's boundaries have been violated, a permanent head waiter will always be involved. This means that we as a company condemn bullying, sexism, violence and generally harsh language.

Thank you for helping to comply with good etiquette as a guest.




Sølyst is owned by the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society and the Danish Brotherhood, who purchased the buildings in 1948.

The social association has about 150 members, each of whom has their own painted shooting target, and thus we at Sølyst are proud to present the Target Museum, housing the world's largest collection of oil paintings on wood.